Sports Betting Consultants

Our RSP Model allows you to be on the Right Side

Why choose RSP?

The RSP Model

Each pick that we release is chosen with the results generated by our unique analytical model. The RSP Model we developed uses real time analytics to produce an outcome for a given game. Our team of professionals then analyzes the results while comparing to the current line and totals. The RSP Model allows our team to find the best competitive advantage for that days slate of games and provide you with those plays. We at RSP fully trust The Model and therefore are able to eliminate the emotional aspect of making a play.

A Winning TEAM

The RSP team of sports betting consultants plays to win. With decades of experience in high level sports and statistics, our team of professionals created our RSP Model that gives us a competitive edge against the book. We are here to help you become a more informed and profitable bettor by staying on The Right Side of the action. We win, and so will you.

Managing your Roll

Money management is critical to becoming a profitable sports bettor. At RSP, we believe that every game we release is of equal value. Our advice is to set your own standard unit and play each pick based on your standard. We believe that if you follow each RSP Model pick, while staying disciplined to your standard unit, you will have a great opportunity for profitability as a sports bettor.